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100% Copay Discount Drug Card is committed to offering every resident of Pennsylvania the opportunity to have some form of prescription coverage. Many of our competitors charge for discount prescription card programs. You can repay us for not charging you for the card below by hiring us as your agent. As well, letting your employer, your friends and your family know about our website and services. The PAhealthcoverage Discount Prescription Drug Card utilizes ScripSolutions, a pharmaceutical healthcare organization with a nationwide network of over 45,000 pharmacies including most national chains and over 15,000 independent pharmacies. For pharmacy locations, call 1-888-299-5383 or use the online pharmacy locator:

Save as much as 50% on prescription drugs at pharmacies such as Target, Kmart, Eckerd, Rite Aid, The Medicine Shoppe, Safeway and many more. Discounts vary by drug, but generally you can expect up to 15% on Brand Name medications and up to 50% on Generic medications.
Discount Prescription Card

RxBin: 900020      RxPCN: CLAIMNE     RXGrp: SAC


Social Security #:_____________________________


----------------------Fold Here-----------------------

This card entitles you to save as much as 50% on Generic and up to 15% on Brand Name medications. Covered prescriptions may be filled at a ScripSolutions participating pharmacy such as Target, Kmart, Genuardi's, Safeway, Eckerd, and Rite Aid. This card is activated upon first use.

For member services, pharmacy locations and the Pharmacist Help Desk, please call 888-299-5383.



Instructions for using your discount prescription card:

1.)    Print this screen for each family member who needs a prescription card.

2.)    Cut out the prescription card from the page.

3.)    Hand write the name and social security number of the person who will be using the card.

4.)    Locate a participating local pharmacy.  

5.)    Present your card to your local participating pharmacist.

The ScripSolutions system links with your pharmacy to automatically enroll you in the program to begin saving immediately.

Thank you for using as your agent in insuring you, your family or your business!
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